A solid bottom line starts with safe pallet handling.

Here’s how the Pallet Dawg can help your operation:

• Pallet expenses will decline and your company will realize a better return on investment.

• Less time and money wasted due to lost sales, product returns, rework and disposal.

• Fewer back charges and fines from receivers due to broken pallets and damaged product.

• Faster loading and unloading because less time wasted handling damaged product.

• Increased productivity due to fewer delays for drivers en route.

• Higher on-time service ratios and increased customer satisfaction.

• Decreased wear on forklifts and dock equipment from pallet debris on dock and trailer floor.

• Reduced pallet debris prevents instability from sudden shifts in load center while handling.

• Less time off forklift to clean-up pallet debris and handle damaged product.

• Fewer delays with broken pallets getting caught up in racking systems and packaging lines.

• Less demand for wood products in the supply chain.

• Less wasted product and pallets dumped in landfills.

By working with their partners to implement, measure and communicate the benefits of the Pallet Dawg, companies are turning supply chain sustainability into a driver of competitive advantage.


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