Reduce the hazards of pallet debris.

The Pallet Dawg safeguards forklift operations and equipment.

Forklift operators appreciate the utility of the Pallet Dawg and, once applied do not want to work without one. The more time operators spend on lifts and off the floor, the faster and safer product handling occurs.  Fewer interruptions also reduces overall stress and enhances operator focus and awareness while on the forklift.

We realize pallets and equipment are assets that require significant resources. Companies utilizing Pallet Dawgs on their forklifts protect these assets by extending the usable life of their pallets and dock equipment.

Hosing out a trailer.
Fewer and faster trailer washouts save time and money.



Removing broken pallet pieces with crowbar.
Safety and productivity are compromised when pallet debris is present on the floors of docks and trailers.



Flat spot on wheel.
Flat spots on load wheels from pallet debris will increase costs for repair and maintenance.

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