Protect your greatest asset.

Fewer distractions and increased focus mean safer operations.

Employees are often your single best business asset and having a healthy workforce is truly priceless. At Pallet Dawg, we know accidents happen when operators maneuver around – or drive over – broken pallet boards.  Likewise, safety and productivity are compromised when operators stop and pick up debris or handle damaged product.  The Pallet Dawg is engineered reduce both pallet and product damage, resulting in less operator stress, decreased down time and safer operations.


Improving workplace safety.

The Pallet Dawg is impact resistant and will not break during normal operating conditions.  For this reason, the Pallet Dawg functions as a shock-stop warning device.  Pallet Dawg breakage is a red flag for operators who may be hard on equipment and require safety intervention.


Visibility window
A window area in the Pallet Dawg allows for increased visibility and safety during forklift operation.



By maintaining pallet integrity, the Pallet Dawg allows for safer forklift picks from high racks as well as low.

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