The Pallet Dawg contributes to
a cleaner, greener warehouse.

A resource-efficient approach to process management focuses on eliminating waste through various operational processes. At Pallet Dawg, our objective is bigger than just the business process at hand. Pallet Dawg believes a greener outlook will enhance your bottom line and help you realize a competitive advantage.

Strategically, being green reduces all sorts of waste.

The cost of waste goes far deeper than the actual cost of disposal of broken pallets or damaged product.             Just consider the additional costs associated with:

• Unrealized sales

• Reduced productivity spent on non-value added issues

• Raw materials

• Management time

• Processing of product and paperwork

• Transportation and storage of product returns

• Rework and claims processing

• Water and energy utilities

Employees' time spent collecting materials, rebuilding pallets and removing broken debris is time spent away from their normal job duties.

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