The Pallet Dawg.
Common-sense pallet defense.

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The Pallet Dawg.
A sustainable solution.

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Environmentally Conscious

Increase safety by reducing the hazards
of pallet debris.

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Warehouse Safety

Protect product. Extend pallet life. That’s real ROI.

When pallets are damaged, the product they carry is likely to be damaged as well. So we engineered Pallet Dawg to take the hit, helping prevent expensive pallet damage and repair, and guard against product loss—all to protect your bottom line. That translates into a safer, greener, more efficient and profitable operation. Who’s watching over your business? Pallet Dawg.


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A Solid Bottom Line Starts with Safe Pallet Handling.

Put an end to pallet damage.

The Pallet Dawg is an affordable solution that is easily justifiable with benefits on multiple levels across your operation and throughout the supply chain.

The value of green supply chain management.

Inventory loss is just the beginning.

Damaged product will often end up in a landfill instead of on the shelf. Learn more

Damaged pallets result in waste.

Safety, productivity and profitability are all compromised. Learn more

A sustainable supply chain.

Reducing pallet and product damage means a leaner, greener operation. Learn more